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The Boss from Hell

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The Anatomy of the Boss From Hell

Most people think that the psychopaths in our world are behind bars and locked up with the key thrown away. What people don't realize is that many times, these psychos are the ones that sign our paychecks. You know, the BOSSES FROM HELL. So the editors of Become Career decided to raise a little awareness;) Enjoy the infographic!

Signs of a Bad Boss

  • Yelling
  • Fuzzy expectations
  • Unreliability
  • Unwilling to make decisions
  • Unreasonable demands
  • Indirectness
  • Ruling by fear
  • Defensive
  • Drama
  • Fear of conflict
  • Uncomfortable workplace

Things Bad Bosses Say

  • "I want it done and I want it done yesterday."
  • "I work all the time, so should you."
  • "We need to hire a superstar."
  • "I can't let you take that promotion because you're too valuable."
  • "So you're one of those people."
  • "So... You're going to be a slacker now, eh?"

How Bad are they?

  • 35% (5,847) - Boss provides little direction
  • 24% (3,998) - Boss micro-manages and nit-picks your work
  • 17% (2,958) - Boss belittles and puts down staff
  • 10% (1,789) - Boss offers little or no recognition for success and hard work
  • 8% (1,472) - Boss is indecisive and seemingly changes direction at whim
  • 86% felt that too often, bad boss behaviours fly under the radar until it's too late.
  • People with psychopathic tendencies are four times more likely to be found in senior management.
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The Personal Toll of a Bad Boss

  • Employees' who have a boss that is incompetent, inconsiderate, secretive and uncommunicative, are 60% more likely to suffer a heart attack or other life-threatening cardiac condition.
  • Employees who worked with "good" leaders were 40% less likely to suffer heart problems.
  • A bad boss can make you dislike 80% of your week.
  • Stress and tension caused by an abusive boss affects the marital relationship and subsequently, the employee's entire family.

How to spot a bad boss in an interview

  • Pronoun usage - If the boss uses "you" to convey negative info or uses "I" to describe companies success.
  • Concern with your hobbies - may be digging to see how committed you can be to the job because they are not legally allowed to ask certain questions.
  • They are distracted - checking emails, looking at their phone or showing up late, don't think they will be there for you in the work place.
  • They can't give you a straigt answer - pause or avoid when discussing why the previous employee left.
  • They've got a record - Ask them about their past jobs and how they got to where they are. How long he/she have been at the company.

Worst Bosses of 2011

1. Jon Peters
Movie producer
Los Angeles, CA

2. Rev. Jesse Jackson
Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Chicago, IL

3. Ted Abrams
Tucson City Court
Tucson, AZ

4. Dr. Barry Lefkovitch
Arroyo Oaks Medical Group
Thousand Oaks, CA

5. John Burgess
International Profit Associates
Buffalo Grove, IL

6. Jay Severin
Boston, MA

7. James Schwartz
El Camino College
Torrance, CA

8. John Bibler
Frenchtown Fire District
Frenchtown, MT

9. Ken Seaton
Family Inns
Pigeon Forge, TN

10. Richard Moore
Aaron's Inc
Fairview Heights, IL