How Do You Become a Librarian?

The desire to become a librarian is one that will lead you into a career that is full of opportunities. Although librarians possess a love for books, they also enjoy helping others conduct research and discover the joy of reading. It is important to understand, however, that librarians must be strict standards for education and certification for most career positions. As you explore the vast potential that this career has to offer, here is what you need to know about the process of becoming eligible to be a librarian.

Roles and Duties of Librarians

The media often depicts librarians as being mousy types that work alone in quiet rooms. However, this is far from the truth. Today’s librarians are actively involved in their facilities and spend much of their day providing assistance to their patrons. In addition to order literature and overseeing its placement in a library facility, librarians may be called upon to give educational talks to the public. They also help conduct research for patrons and local officials. In many communities, they also help raise awareness of the importance of literacy and plan fundraisers.

Education Requirements

Due to the important role that librarians play in their communities, they must comply with high standards for their education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a librarian will typically need to earn a master’s degree in library services. However, there are usually not stipulations put in place regarding what type of bachelor’s degree a person must hold. Typically, degrees in English, Communications, Education or Business Management will place you on the right path for earning your graduate level degree.

Getting Certified

The licensing and certification process to become a librarian will usually vary according to each state. However, the majority of states require special licensing if you want to work as a librarian within a school. Many public libraries also require licensing to ensure that you understand the standards put in place for proper management of a library. It is also important to note that you may get certified in specific areas of specialization depending upon the goals of your career. For example, you could specialize in puppetry if you want to work in a public school, or adult education if preventing illiteracy is a cause to which you feel drawn.

Potential Career Opportunities

Although most people think of the city library when they pursue a career in this field, there are many other opportunities available. For example, large corporations tend to have libraries that pertain to their field, and many religious organizations also have libraries. Museums, public schools and hospitals are a few more places where you may obtain employment. Remember, however, that you may have to comply with additional standards to be eligible for a career in certain places. For example, a hospital may prefer for you to have some medical experience in your background.

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A love for literature and the desire to help others learn is the perfect combination for a person who aspires to be a librarian. With new technology, the role of a librarian is constantly changing, which makes this one of the most exciting careers to pursue today. Now that you know how to become a librarian, the next step is to get started by enrolling in the educational program that will put you on the right path for success.

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