What Careers are in Construction?

The increasing demand for good infrastructure and housing has created plenty of careers in construction. Reports reveal high employment growth rate for construction majors, with over 560,000 new jobs expected by 2024. Many people will be needed to build new structures and upgrade the existing ones. Here is a list of the top jobs you could get in construction.

Construction Inspector

Construction inspectors evaluate buildings, highways, bridges, dams and sewer systems to ensure they comply with the building codes and ordinances. They visit the site of construction to examine plans and point out any violations. Building inspectors work for construction companies and governmental institutions. Others work as independent contractors. Their salary ranges from $33,180 to $85,446 per year.

Construction Manager

Construction managers plan and direct all activities at a construction site. They determine labor requirements, interpret and explain construction terms to project owners and formulate budgets. They also supervise workers and negotiate construction revisions on behalf of the contractor. Construction managers earn between $57,000 and $142,736 per year.

Building Contractor

Construction experts who have a lot of experience can later become building contractors. Building contractors plan all activities relating to the construction of a building. They carry out their duties by supervising the site of construction, planning how the project will be executed and completing the project in a way that complies with all the regulations put in place. They earn between $30,824 and $121,922.

Construction Superintendent

Construction superintendents monitor all the faces of construction, from initial planning to completion. They interview and select workers for the project and communicate rules regarding site safety procedures to everyone at the site. They also inspect the work done by the employees, other contractors and sub-contractors. In some occasions, construction superintendents may be involved in making estimates and budgets. Their salary ranges between $48,186 and $114,176 per year, according to PayScale.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Equipment operators work with heavy equipment such as bulldozers, asphalt spreaders or pile drivers at construction sites. They ensure that the equipment are in proper working condition and that all the systems are in order. They carry out basic repairs and report to the project managers about any major malfunctions. Equipment operators earn between $29,737 and &73,961 per year.

Purchasing Agent

Construction purchasing agents are responsible for buying materials and acquiring sub-contractors in a construction project. They create the specifications of the materials to be used and the safety requirements for each material. They also examine the plans and specifications of the construction materials to identify any deficiencies. Construction purchasing agents also schedule pre-meetings and receive questions from bidders. Their salary ranges between $30,328 and $66,752 per year.

Roofing Expert

Roofing experts design and install different types of roofs in buildings. They inspect the problems in roofs and design the best repair procedure. They also estimate the cost of materials and labor required to construct roofs. Roofing experts earn $51,880 per year.

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The list above is just a fraction of the jobs you can get in the construction industry. To pursue any of the careers in construction, you need to complete a diploma or degree in construction management or civil engineering.

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