How Do I Become An Account Coordinator

Are you creative, assertive, and comfortable interacting with people face-to-face, over the phone, and through email? If so, you may be wondering how to become an account coordinator. Account coordinators are frequently found in advertising agencies, marketing firms and public relations agencies, as well as advertising departments of newspapers and other publications. Some account coordinators are junior-level employees that work under account managers, while others are executives that answer directly to agency presidents or vice presidents and may even manage interns. Because account coordinators find employment in multiple industries, their responsibilities vary.

Account coordinators may deal with advertising or marketing in print or digital media. Typically, account coordinators work as part of a team, where they lend administrative support as needed. This may include drafting written materials, making presentations, updating and maintaining database information, scheduling meetings and promotional campaigns, and organizing events.

In a marketing or advertising agency, account coordinators also assist with the creative process by brainstorming and pitching ideas for marketing strategies, campaigns and promotions. They may then contribute to the marketing or advertising team’s work by researching information as necessary, writing marketing materials, and copy editing written materials.

As the job title implies, account coordinators manage the accounts of one or more clients. It may be their responsibility to not only make sure that the requested work gets done promptly, but also to interact with those clients. This need for client interaction calls for account coordinators to be friendly as well as assertive in providing customer service. Account coordinators may also pitch stories to outside media, so they must successfully maintain relationships with reporters and media personnel as well as clients.

To become an account coordinator, you will need to pursue a college-level education. Aspiring account coordinators often study fields such as marketing, advertising, business and journalism. They may round out their educational career with courses in economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, accounting, business law and management. Solid computer skills are also necessary for success as an account coordinator. A bachelor’s degree is often the only education required to enter a position as an account coordinator, but earning a graduate-level degree may allow account coordinators the opportunity for career advancement later on. Additionally, you may need relevant work experience in order to secure a position as an account coordinator. Some agencies may accept relevant internships as work experience, while others require at least a full year of full-time work experience.

Account coordinators earn an average of $47,000 per year, according to Aspiring account coordinators should be aware that pay rate depends on education, experience, location and agency as well as job level. Upper-level account coordinators naturally earn more than junior-level account coordinators. It takes creative drive, a collaborative spirit and personable communication skills to brainstorm, execute and pitch projects and ideas successfully. If you have the vision and assertiveness to bring ideas to life, learning how to become an account coordinator might be the start to a fulfilling new career.

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