How Do I Become a Marketing Coordinator?

If you are creative, analytical, and comfortable communicating with others through written or verbal media, you might be wondering how to become a marketing coordinator. Marketing coordinators ensure that big-picture marketing strategies are implemented efficiently by working within a team to complete the daily tasks necessary to meet overall goals. While some marketing coordinators work in the in-house marketing departments of companies, many work in marketing agencies. Marketing coordinators work under the supervision of marketing managers.

Marketing is the business practice of publicizing a company or product, usually in order to increase sales or awareness. Because marketing strategies incorporate techniques from advertising, written content, web content, sales strategies, event planning and market research, marketing duties are usually collaborative, requiring a team of professionals such as marketing managers, marketing assistants, marketing associates, and of course marketing coordinators.

Because they must oversee the marketing team’s goals and progress, marketing coordinators have varied responsibilities. They may help devise sales pitches and new products and services to market to customers. They may have a hand in marketing content creation. Marketing coordinators may also be called upon to collect and evaluate data regarding customer satisfaction or potential customers to target for future sales pitches. At times, marketing coordinators help plan marketing events. They may also be responsible for communicating with media representatives, outside vendors, and other departments of a company.

Marketing coordinators may also be responsible for ensuring that project deadlines are set at the start of a project and met as the work progresses. They may be called on to schedule meetings and interact with clients. Some marketing coordinators are also involved in budget decisions and may even be responsible for keeping the department within budget. The roles assigned to a marketing coordinator may differ greatly from one company to the next, but in nearly all situations, marketing coordinators are asked to multi-task and perform many different duties to support the marketing team as needed.

Aspiring marketing coordinators should earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing, or a related field. Coursework that prepares candidates for a career as a marketing coordinator includes market research, sales, consumer behavior, business management, statistics, finance and communication. During students’ undergraduate careers, they should consider gaining real-world marketing experience through a relevant internship. This experience may give them an advantage in securing a much sought-after position in the field of marketing. Candidates with up to two years of professional experience may be able to enter an entry-level marketing coordinator position.

Marketing coordinators make a median salary of $50,170 per year, according to This salary may vary based on location, and it may increase with experience. Pursuing an advanced degree may also qualify candidates for promotion into higher-level positions with increased pay.

If you have analytical skills, the creative and strategic capacity to develop new marketing strategies and the drive to make those strategies a reality, knowing how to become a marketing coordinator could be the first step toward a fast-paced new career.

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