What Careers are Available in Internet Development?

Internet DevelopmentThere are a number of careers available in Internet development, both in the public and private sectors. Finding which one of them is the best fit can take a bit of research; hopefully, the information below will make that research a little bit easier.

Basic Information

A good place to go for information about what careers are available in any field, including internet development, is the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which compiles statistical data about projected job growth, typical entry requirements and levels of income for many types of jobs in its Occupational Outlook Handbook. Its report on Web developers notes that typical entry requirements are fairly low (usually a two-year degree involving computer programming and graphic design coursework), while median salaries and job growth are reasonably high, so that there appear to be many good careers in Internet development waiting to be had. The report also notes a number of similar career paths, carrying higher typical entry requirements, such as a bachelor’s degree and additional certification, but in many cases offering higher salaries, as well.

A Bit Deeper Information

Looking at information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that looking at the USA Jobs website is a worthwhile idea. A search for “Internet development” on it quickly reveals a number of careers available in Internet development and other fields. Included are such things as Information Technology Specialist and Web Developer, at levels ranging from entry through senior supervisor. As public service careers, they offer excellent benefits packages and are thus well worth pursuing. Further, the kinds of jobs offered by the federal government are echoed in the several states and other United States holdings, as well as in many counties and cities. As such, there are careers available in Internet development in most places as almost every company has websites need  to be built, expanded and improved.

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Just as the various pieces of government need people to develop and maintain their online presences, businesses and other organizations do, as well. The same is true for colleges and universities both public and private. Any entity that has an online presence has it because it has someone under contract or on staff to build and maintain that presence. There are thus many careers available in Internet development, whether as part of a larger organization or as a self-employed independent contractor, and if the work tends to be the same, it also tends to be rewarding and forthcoming. The kinds of similar jobs noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs such as information systems management, computer programming, database administrators and multimedia artists, are also similarly widespread, occurring in government and industry and opening more options.


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