What Careers are Available in Hospitality?

Hospitality CareersCareers available in hospitality aren’t just limited to entry-level concierge and housekeeping jobs. Keep reading to learn about three of the most notable careers available in hospitality.

Lodging Manager

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are different kinds of lodging managers. These include general, front-office and convention service managers. However, most lodging managers share similar responsibilities. For example, they oversee the guest registration, customer service and the check-out process. Part of this involves responding to guest concerns, explaining hotel policies and recommending services. Lodging managers must respond to and resolve serious customer service problems. However, in order to reduce service related issues, they regularly inspect guest rooms and public areas for appearance and cleanliness. Additionally, they uphold company standards for housekeeping and guest services. Lodging mangers also have human resources and financial responsibilities. They must interview, hire, train, discipline and terminate staff members. Related to this, they must monitor staff performance to ensure that standards are met and that guests are happy. Finally, they must monitor the facility’s budget and oversee the accounting process. They work with upper management to allocate funds, approve expenditures and set the room and service rates and budgets.

Convention Service Manager

Convention service managers coordinate the various external activities of large hotel clients. Their main job is to ensure that all hotel events run as planned. This primarily involves accommodating and setting up events, meetings and conventions. They meet and communicate with client representatives to plan the number of rooms needed, physical organize the meeting space and determine what other services are needed, such as catering or tech equipment. Convention service managers must synchronize the clients’ needs and the staff hotel’s duties. Candidates should excel at watching over large events with many people. During the event or meeting, they must quickly resolve unexpected problems and ensure that hotel services meet the expectations of the client. Convention service managers must have excellent negotiation and customer service skills because they will be signing contracts, documenting client communications and handling major client accounts. In larger hotels, convention service managers will work with a head concierge who will oversee customer service operations.

Food Service Managers

Food service managers oversee the daily operation of restaurants and food preparation establishments. Food service managers have typical managerial duties, such as assigning work, maintaining budgets and scheduling staff. However, scheduling staff in a food service-based organization is very challenging because many employees are part-time and service demands always unexpectedly change. They must perform HR duties, such as interviewing, hiring and training employees. This is especially important because they must ensure that employees will uphold the highest quality, performance and customer service standards. On the other hand, they must quickly investigate and resolve customer complaints concerning food quality or service.

They also have unique food service related duties. For example, they must manage complex inventories of food, beverages, supplies and restaurant equipment. Many food service managers use databases or information management systems to order and manage inventory. Related to this, they must inspect supplies, equipment, work areas and employees to ensure that everything is in compliance with local, state and federal health and food safety standards and regulations. Finally, they also monitor food sizes, preparation, and presentation. Therefore, they must have first-hand food service employment experience.

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It can be clearly seen that there are excellent career options available for students who wish to major in hospitality. However, there are more administrative and managerial careers available in hospitality for students to choose from.

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