What Careers are Available in Marketing?

MarketingIf you are a creative person and enjoy a challenge, you may want to learn about the number of careers available in marketing. Marketing is a broad field that encompasses such areas as advertising, product management and public relations. Recent years have seen an increase in the kinds of organizations that are seeking the assistance of marketers to promote their programs and products. Some of these include hospitals, performing arts, government entities and financial institutions, according to Forbes. Let’s take a closer look at the variety of careers entry level job candidates can pursue in the field of marketing.

Product and Brand Management

Companies often hire professionals to oversee the marketing for one particular brand or product in their line. The brand manager is in charge of such tasks as developing market research campaigns, interpreting data, identifying trends through sales numbers, collaborating with agencies in the conducting of advertising campaigns and coordinating new promotions with the help of sales managers. Basically, this professional oversees and is responsible for the success of that brand or product. A new graduate with no experience may be given a brand assistant position prior to moving on to brand manager.

Sales Management

Sales managers do much as their name suggests. They manage sales teams in order to obtain and meet sales goals, maintaining productivity across team members. They also work to ensure client satisfaction and monitor the activities of the competition. Sales managers help distribute product and even go out and demonstrate new products to interested clients. Depending on the business they serve, the duties of these managers may vary somewhat. Sales managers have a great deal of autonomy in that they dictate much of how their time is spent. This means you will have to be a very self-directed person to succeed in such a position.


Advertising is an area of the careers available in marketing that seems to have a rather glamorous image. Therefore, competition tends to be high for entry-level positions within the industry. If you’re interested in this field, you should take courses in advertising and make every effort to obtain an internship or volunteer position with an advertising agency in order to stand out from the crowd. There are various types of advertising jobs. You could work in the advertising department of a retail store or service firm. It’s also possible to work directly for media outlets such as newspaper, television and radio in advertising sales or production. Advertising agencies offer positions in research, creative services, media and account management.

Consulting and Marketing Research

All kinds of organizations hire marketing researchers in order to facilitate marketing decisions through the collection and analysis of data. You’ll need to have a flair for analysis, with an understanding of computers and statistics. In addition, understanding the behavior of buyers and a skill for communication is needed. Market research consultants assist large companies to understanding and hone their marketing needs. You could also work directly with a company who has an in-house market research division.

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There are a wide variety of jobs you can pursue in this industry, and these are just four of the careers available in the marketing field.

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