What Careers are in Software Development?

Software DevelopmentThere are many emerging careers in software development for technically savvy students who want high salaries and plenty of job options.

Software Developer

Entry-level software developer’s work with technically accomplished teams to create and manage various beta version software programs. Software developers must implement and test a variety of software programs and support the timely and smooth release of highly anticipated software packages. They often deal with software infrastructure and troubleshooting. They use standard tools to perform assigned code changes according to client or management requests. Software developers use test driven development techniques to build and maintain assigned software programs. They also work under the direction of senior software developers to add code into production modules. They must excel at working alone and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Software developers often get degrees in IT or software engineering.

Data Analysis Technician

Data analysis technicians are software developers who focus on program visualization. They design, develop and implement data visualization functionality within software programs. They use proprietary programs to add geospatial data into assigned platforms. They train existing software users on how to better understand programs and functionality. Data analysis technicians must be able to explain how to obtain visually appealing analytical results that use informative and attractive charts and reports. They perform helpdesk duties through finding, analyzing and fixing bugs and performance issues. Data analysis technicians must effectively work with software development team members. They must also have experience with data analysis, graphics, visualization and programming. The minimum education requirement is a bachelor’s degree in computer design, science or statistics.

Software Engineer

One of the most popular careers in software development is software engineering. They support the delivery, development and management of technology-based solutions. They often work with specific industries, such as finance, manufacturing and health care. They may be assigned specific functions, such as coding, testing and design. Software engineers must implement configuration changes and troubleshoot reported bugs. They often assist in the functional and technical design of applications. Software engineers must have excellent project management skills. Many software engineers obtain a master’s degree in engineering so they can advance their careers into application and architecture development as well as systems administration and software maintenance.

Computer Programmer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software development-based computer programmers provide technical support for data analysis projects. They often work with large-scale software programs and Big Data technologies. They develop software drivers and applications for a variety of platforms, such as mobile and web-based platforms, to support software development. This support includes software development services such as software engineering and system administration. They oversee data acquisition, develop instrument controls and analyze software programs. They write in specific coding languages and development environments. They must be familiar with standard operating, database and programming systems. Senior computer programs will be in charge of software systems integration and software development tasks for major clients. Computer programmers are expected to maintain industry standard certifications from Oracle, Redhat and CompTIA.

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Additional careers in software development include website design, computer science and applications engineer positions.

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