What Jobs Are Available in Business Development?

Business DevelopmentSomeone who wants to pursue a career in business may be curious about the jobs available in business development. This is an ideal career field for someone who wants to dig into the daily operations of a business to see if there are areas that need improvement. Someone in business development works to prompt growth and boost the efficiency of an organization or corporation. This could mean changing the roles of employees, changing the manufacturing process or rearranging a company’s management structure. There are many different types of career positions in this field. Furthermore, business development jobs can be found in a variety of industries so a person has a lot of career options to consider. Check out just a few examples of the jobs available in business development.

A Business Analyst

The job of a business analyst is to look at a business as a whole to see where it could improve. Once the person spots weak areas in a business, he or she comes up with solutions to fix those problems. For instance, a business analyst may find that a company’s employee training program has some issues. Perhaps the training program isn’t effective at teaching employees how to use the company’s software. In this case, the business analyst would review the training program and suggest changes that help employees better understand how to use the company’s software. Not surprisingly, thoroughly trained employees produce higher quality work.

A Production Manager

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a production manager is a professional who works to make the production operations of a company as cost effective as possible. This person hires workers, plans the process used to make products and looks at production data to see if any improvements can be made. It’s not unusual to see a production manager working for an automobile manufacturer, an electronics company or a paper manufacturer. If a production manager is successful at his or her job, a company can reduce or eliminate wasteful spending in its production process. This professional is an expert at spotting areas where production can be made simpler and more efficient. Also, he or she must have a talent for seeing the production process as a whole instead of looking at its individual parts.

A Management Analyst

Another example of a job in business development is a management analyst. This professional comes into a company and takes a close look at its management. Then, he or she suggests ways that the company could make its management more efficient and boost its profits. For example, a management analyst may find inefficiency in the way a company assigns its projects to employees. There are too many people working on some projects and not enough dedicated to others. A management analyst takes this data and offers a company a variety of solutions that can correct the problem. A management analyst can help a company realize ways to save money and improve the productivity of its employees.

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These are just three examples of jobs in this field. All of these jobs require a person who is organized, efficient and dedicated to improving a company’s bottom line. Someone who wants to work in this area will find that there are many interesting jobs available in business development.

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