What Jobs Are Good For Telecommuting?

TelecommutingWorking from outside a company office is increasingly becoming popular for a number of reasons, and there are many jobs good for telecommuting that professionals can consider when making future career plans. Whether looking for flexibility in scheduling, saving time on the drive into the office, or simply enjoying the option to work from home or another location, professionals from almost every background can find a career that offers this option.

Writing, Editing, and Journalism

E-mail, video conferencing, and other online tools make telecommuting a popular option among employees and employers. One area where telecommuting is an increasingly likely option is in writing, editing, and journalism. For these professionals, working with clients and finding assignments is often completed on online job boards. Full-time company employees also often use telecommuting to complete projects.

Graphic Design, Programming, and Web Development

Companies and individuals running their own businesses need a number of services to be successful, and employees with a knowledge of programming, web development, and graphic design are in high demand. Because of a focus in their education and development of skills on computers, professionals in this category are well-suited to work from outside of the office. The focus on critical problem solving and creativity are also often supported by working in an environment outside of an office.

Public Relations and Advertising

In these particular industries, professionals spend a lot of time working with, meeting with, and talking to clients and other professionals. This communication often takes place over the phone, through e-mail, and with other online technologies, reducing the amount of time someone might actually spend in the office anyway. Plus, there is often a lot of time spent on the road, reducing time spent in the office even more.

Medical Billing, Coding, and Transcription

Whether transcribing verbal notes recorded by a doctor or preparing insurance papers for a patient visit, medical billers, coders, and transcribers are able to work from anywhere with the right equipment. Many of the education programs for these careers are offered online, preparing individuals who train for these careers to continue to work in the online environment.

Other Telecommuting Options

Many other options for telecommuting can be found in almost every industry. Some other careers where telecommuting can be successful include customer service, product support, virtual administrative assistance, and education or tutoring. With an internet connection, computer, and phone, the tasks of each of these careers can be successfully taken care of.

Successfully Telecommuting for Work

Both companies and employees often benefit from the advantages of telecommuting. The previous professions are areas where telecommuting has been successful for both groups, and a multitude of opportunities in each industry can be found across the United States and around the world. Further information on successful telecommuting can be reviewed in a report published by the Society for Human Resource Management.

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From accounting to education to creating corporate logos or commercials, whether looking for full-time or freelance work, the number of opportunities to work from outside the office continue to grow as companies look to reduce overhead and increase employee satisfaction. With the right research, it is easy to find jobs good for telecommuting that fit an individual’s personal qualifications, requirements, and goals.

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