How Do I Become an Architect?

For people who can see themselves designing structures which people will live and work in, the answer to the question, “How do I become an architect?” will be of great interest. Architects must be licensed, and there are several steps which must be completed before you would be fully qualified.

Education Required to Become an Architect

The first step toward becoming an architect is to complete an undergraduate degree in Architecture. Students must complete at least 150 semester credit hours to graduate. Bachelor’s degree students will take courses similar to the following:

• Energy and Environment
• Fundamentals of Architectural Design
• Introduction to Construction
• Introduction to Design
• Introduction to Structures
• Introduction to Visual Representation and Drawing
• Math
• Physics
• The Social and Cultural Basis of Design

If a future architect decides to continue to graduate school, he or she must complete at least 168 semester credit hours to obtain a Master of Architecture degree. The curriculum for the graduate program includes the following courses:

• Architectural Design
• Basic Drawing
• Construction
• Design Fundamentals
• Digital Drawing
• Geometric Modeling
• Graphic Communications
• History of Architecture
• Introduction to Urban and Environmental Planning
• Visual Studies

A doctoral degree in Architecture is also offered. Students enrolled in this program will choose an area of specialization, such as Building Technology, Design Studies or History and Theory. A Ph.D holder in Architecture has the training to work on highly specialized projects, to teach at a four-year college or university, or to conduct research.

Internship Requirement

In most states, a graduate of an Architecture program must complete an internship before becoming licensed. Interns can complete their training requirements by working at an architectural from. During this time, the intern will gain experience designing part of a project, preparing architectural drawings, building models are preparing drawings on CADD. An architectural intern may also write specifications for building materials, quality of finishes, installation criteria and research building codes.

Licensing Exam

The next step to become an architect is to write a licensing exam. The Architectural Registration Examination (ARE) is the standard test written throughout the United States. The test is made up of seven sections, and each one includes multiple-choice and geographic questions.

Obtaining a License

Before someone can call himself an architect and provide services to clients, they must be licensed. Graduates from an architectural program who have not yet become licensed work under the supervision of a licensed architect who is legally responsible for all work performed.

Licensed architects must complete a certain number of continuing education credits to remain in good standing. Specific requirements for extra course is vary by state. In most cases, an architect must complete a specific number of credits each year or two by enrolling in university classes, self-study courses, attending workshops, or going to conferences.

The short answer to the question, “How do I become an architect?” is that someone who wants to work in this field must obtain a degree, complete an internship and pass a licensing exam.

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