How to Become a Cop

Are you curious about how to become a cop? Many people wonder about pursuing a career in law enforcement, especially if they enjoy watching television shows or movies which focus on police procedures and solving crimes.This is a good career choice for people who are physically fit and have the right emotional makeup to deal with the stresses and rewards which come with protecting the public and seeing people at their worst.

The work that police officers do runs the gamut from providing information to motorists and pedestrians to patrolling specific areas to being called out to control a riot. Police are also called to provide assistance at accident scenes and in emergency situations. Part of the job also involves transporting prisoners and writing reports.

Education Required to Become a Cop

While education requirements vary, depending on the police force, it’s a good idea to plan to attend college before applying for a job in law enforcement. Completing an Associates degree is a great place to start, since you can take courses part-time or online to continue your education and obtain a Bachelor’s degree later on.

You don’t need to major in criminal justice to be considered for a position; choose an area of study which you find interesting. It’s not a bad idea to take courses in public relations, business or a foreign language, though, since these will be helpful once you start your policing career.

Physical Training to Become a Police Officer

Being physically fit is an important part of qualifying to be a cop. Part of the process is passing the physical exam and agility tests conducted by the hiring force. If you aren’t currently in good physical condition, start training well before the time you would be required to complete the physical training test. Even people who are in good physical shape should spend some time at the gym preparing for this part of the application.

Background Check for Police Officers

Prospective police officers will be carefully scrutinized, and it’s important for applicants to have a clean criminal record. A conviction for a felony offense, domestic violence or hate crimes will mean that you will not be able to be hired as a police officer.

Your work history will be checked, and you will need to present yourself as a mature and responsible person to be considered for this type of position. You should avoid using any illicit drugs and drink only in moderation.

Personal Interview for Police Officer Candidates

An important part of the screening process for police officer candidates is the personal interview. This is your chance to show the interviewers that you are enthusiastic about the possibility of being hired as a police officer and that you are committed to being in the career for the long haul. Make sure you are neat and well groomed for your interview, and keep in mind that if you are less than truthful, you will be found out.

There are many steps in the process of how to become a cop, and you will need to successfully navigate each one to be hired.

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