How to Become a Model

A number of people who look at magazines, billboards and other types of ads may be wondering how to become a model. This type of work is seen as very exciting and sexy, not to mention lucrative. To be successful in this field, you need to have a certain look, be reliable and follow instructions carefully.

There are a number of different types of models, and people who are interested in this career choice will need to consider which one may be right for them.

• Runway models work on the catwalk. Minimum height requirement for women is 5′ 8″; men are usually between 5’11” and 6’2″ tall.
• Print models appear in different types of ads. Most women are relatively tall (at least 5′ 7″) but this is not an absolute requirement for someone who has a beautiful face and a good personality.
• Plus size models are full figured and may appear in print ads as well as do runway work.
• Female underwear models must have large breasts and small hips. Male models who do this type of work have broad shoulders and a slim waist.
• People who don’t fit into one of the standard model categories may be able to work as a hair, hand or foot model.

Take Pictures for a Portfolio

The first step to become a model is to have some pictures taken. They should be against a plain background and feature your face with a natural look. It’s a good idea to get head, body and profile shots taken.

Have a professional photographer take some shots which can be printed in 8×10 sizes. You will want to have several copies printed off in case you are asked to leave one with an agent or after a casting call.

It’s important for models to be aware of their measurements and stats, which for models means:

• Height and weight
• Shoe size
• Dress size
• Chest/waist/hip measurements
• Hair color
• Eye color
• Skin tone

The next step for someone who wants to become a model is to visit an agency. These businesses are located in most major cities and they have certain days or times when “open calls” are held. Once you find out when these sessions are being held, make sure you bring your snapshots and/or your modeling portfolio with you.

You may have the look that the agency is looking for and get hired for an assignment. If not, visit another modeling agency or go back on another open call day. The agency’s needs will change over time, and just because you weren’t a good fit at one point doesn’t mean the agency can’t place you on an assignment later on.

If you meet the physical requirements to become a model, you will want to be sure that you behave in a professional manner while on assignment. It’s important to arrive on time and to be polite to everyone on the shoot if you want to be considered for other assignments. With this information about how to become a model, you’re well on your way to a successful career.

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