How Do I Become an Oracle DBA?

If you are good with computers and have superior logical and analytic skills, you might be wondering how to become an Oracle DBA.  A DBA, or database administrator, manages database software that companies use to store and handle data, such as personal or financial information or other important files. Oracle Database is the name of specific database software created by Oracle Corporation.

An Oracle DBA may create the company’s database in accordance with the needs and goals of company personnel. If any previous databases exist, it is the Oracle DBA’s job to combine the information in both databases by merging the previous databases with the new database. An Oracle DBA is responsible for maintaining, modifying and updating that database on an as-needed basis and confirming that the software runs properly at all times. If users encounter any errors with the database, the Oracle DBA uses his or her information technology skills to resolve the problem.

The security of database information falls under the DBA’s responsibilities. An Oracle DBA creates and maintains copies of data that can be used in the future if data is lost or if a power outage incapacitates company computers. Part of an Oracle DBA’s job is to ensure that the correct people can access the information stored in the database. An Oracle DBA is responsible for making sure that a company’s data analysts can obtain the data they need, but the private nature of financial and other personal information contained in the Oracle database requires that proper security measures be taken to prevent information from being retrieved by hackers or other unauthorized users.

Oracle DBAs typically have a background in computers, either in information technology (IT), management information systems (MIS) or general computer science. Aspiring Oracle DBAs should earn at least a bachelor’s degree, if not a masters or doctorate degree. Students should be aware that an advanced degree could improve their job prospects for this competitive high-level position. To be a successful Oracle DBA, students will have to get extensive training on how to use the Oracle Database software. Learning the software through work experience in a lower level position will help students develop some understanding of the software. For a more comprehensive education, aspiring DBAs should consider taking software courses through Oracle Corporation.

The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics expects career opportunities for database administrators as a whole to grow by a full 31 percent by 2020, which is significantly faster than the 14 percent anticipated growth rate for all occupations. In May 2010, database administrators as a whole earned a median salary of $73,490 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sources that focus on Oracle database administrators specifically recorded a median salary of over $100,000. If you have a strong interest in computers and possess excellent logical, analytical and problem-solving skills, knowing how to become an Oracle DBA can help you begin a rewarding, well-paid and exciting new career.

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