How Do I Become a Solution Architect?

If you are a creative problem-solver and enjoy working with computers, you might be wondering how to become a solution architect. A solution architect is a professional in the field of information technology (IT). As the job title implies, solution architects solve computer-based problems, usually through designing and developing technical applications and information systems. Solution architects create the technical, computer-based tools that help businesses achieve their goals.

While the word “architect” in the job title may be confusing, the career focuses on business technology, not the design of buildings., an online community of professional solution architectures, compares the role of a solution architect with that of a civil engineer. Like engineers, solution architects invent solutions, including the details necessary for making those solutions successful.

Solution architects begin their work on a project by developing an understanding of businesses’ needs, often by consulting with business analysts, project managers, constructors and other stakeholders. Based on these goals, solution architects devise technical applications that will solve the problems or fulfill the required function. Solutions architects then determine which potential solution is most practical and likely to successfully accomplish the purpose of the project. Next, solution architects express the proposed solution as an application design. Solution architects create the conceptual solutions to problems first, and then develop the specifications that constructors need to make the idea a reality.

To become a solution architect, you should first earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, software engineering or a related major. During your education, you will most likely study database management, hardware compatibility, operating systems, programming, systems engineering and advanced mathematics courses. If you want to boost your career opportunities, consider pursuing a graduate-level degree, like a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in systems architecture or a master’s degree in a specialization. By earning an advanced degree, you will acquire in-depth knowledge about computer architecture theory, software engineering and systems design. If you pursue the MBA degree, you will also have the opportunity to develop leadership and project management skills.

After earning their degrees, aspiring solution architects often need to cultivate job experience in the field of information technology, in a branch like business intelligence tools or database management systems. Businesses may require that candidates for solution architect positions have five to ten years of experience. One way aspiring solution architects can improve their job prospects is by obtaining certification from an agency, such as the iCMG Enterprise Architecture Firm or the Open Group’s IT Architect Certification Program.

One benefit of becoming a solution architect is the earning potential. Job search website lists the average salary for solution architects as $112,000. This is more than three and a half times the $33,840 median annual wage for all occupations. If you have the creativity and technical knowledge to devise solutions to companies’ needs and are comfortable working with computers, knowing how to become a solution architect can be your first step to this lucrative new career.

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