What Careers are Available with a degree in English?

For anyone unsure in the matter, there are a lot of great careers available with a degree in English. Those with this degree are experts on English as a language, composition, and the literature used therein. Here are just a few career opportunities that are especially keen to employing those with this valuable degree.

Teacher or Professor

For those that particularly enjoy professing knowledge to others or even just like working with younger people, the teacher or professor might be the most ideal career choice. English is needed in kindergarten, through grade school, and through the farthest reaches of college academia. As a result, English experts will always be needed throughout the vast realm of education.


Working as the curator of all knowledge within, the librarian administers the operation of the library. From small-town setups to the most extravagant halls of book-lined knowledge, this professional is needed in a number of capacities here. Organizational skills, literary knowledge, reference abilities, research aptitude, and other English skills are in high demand here, and the English degree holder is ideal for the calling.

Writer or Author

If you enjoy writing, the path to becoming a writer or author may be one of your most optimal choices in the many careers available with a degree in English. With the English degree, one may easily work for themselves, for the newspaper, a magazine, an online entity, or any number of other areas in which the regular generation of literature is in demand. Another great perk in some cases is the ability to often choose what exactly one cares to write about.


An editor is a sort of overseer or reviewer of materials submitted by writers for publishing. An editor for a magazine, website, or book publisher for example will await submission of the writers’ works and thus critique or edit them as seen fitting for final release through publishing. An editor-in-chief is an even higher, top editor for many publications that is also required to have that valuable English degree.


Consultation is a broad area of work in which an outside company shares its opinion of a given subject presented by a hiring entity. For example, a dress designer that wants to create a new, French-inspired line of dresses may then hire an expert on France and its culture for consultation and opinion at the time of design. As an English expert, one may likewise provide consultation services to any number of industries, businesses, and even private individuals.


If you think you might enjoy getting in on the action at ground-level and reporting on breaking issues, the journalist is another option in the English, or the very much related, journalism major’s career map. In this occupation, you will be sent on missions of information discovery, both within and outside of the confines of the office. Get the scoop, assure accuracy, and generate an awesome report with those expert literary skills.

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English is an important subject and matter of professional dependence the world over. Consequently, majoring in this universally important ability to communicate is never a bad choice. The aforementioned career options represent just a few of the many, excellent careers available with a degree in English.

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