What Jobs are in Solar Energy?

As the market for renewable energy sources grows, so too do the opportunities for those seeking jobs in solar energy. Solar energy harnesses the readily available energy from the sun’s rays into usable, everyday electricity. If you are interested in working in this ever-expanding industry, there are plenty of diverse and valuable careers to be had here, according the Solar Energy Industries Association. Below are just a few examples of the many great jobs in solar energy today.

Solar Sales Associate

In every market, there is a need for viable sales personnel. Solar is no different, and sales associates here provide that vital connection between the customer and their business as opposed to that of another rival business. While personal style and charisma are important, corporate sales strategies will also likely come into play here. As far as pay, those working in this area typically make between $35,000 and $85,000 yearly depending on sales success and prior experience.


At its core, solar energy is the mastery of electricity, but gathered from the sun. Because of that, electricians of varying backgrounds and calibers will always be needed in the solar industry. An electrician here may help to build solar systems or even make repairs on other, pre-existing systems in need of work. Skills for this position include electrical knowledge, the ability to run wiring and make connections, an ability to work from heights or in other, uncomfortable positions, the ability to read plans and blueprints, and more.

Asset Manager

Solar systems and their installation require some expensive equipment, tools, parts, and so on. When you run an entire business based on such expensive assets, you certainly need ways with which to track inventory, assets assigned to jobs, leftover parts, and more. The asset manager is thus the professional tasked with managing all of these assets and what becomes of them. Ultimately, loss is the absolute adversary and reason for this position.

Project/Field Manager

Another great job in solar energy is that of field manager. Field managers go out in the field and monitor and manage the progress of the various projects placed under their watch. They may travel from one job to the next one day but then stay on another job site all day the following day. This person is essentially the liaison between the customer, the company, and the work being done as contractually arranged between them. Diplomacy and drive are key skills to have in this position which typically earns between $80,000 and $100,000 per year.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Solar equipment is often large and heavy and therefore not very easily moved by workers on the ground. Consequently, virtually all solar companies employ heavy equipment operators for such occasions. These operators will run equipment like cranes, large trucks, bulldozers, and more, at headquarters and on the job site, all in the name of manipulating and moving solar equipment safely and effectively. It’s also worthy to note that some companies will use these workers exclusively for heavy equipment operation while others will task them with other duties as well.

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The solar industry continues to grow and so do the number of jobs found therein. The above-mentioned job positions are just a small batch of the many found here, from clerical to field construction works, engineering, and beyond. For additional information on jobs in solar energy as well as the industry itself, check out the very thorough Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

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